The number of warehouses worldwide is increasing, primarily because of the inclination toward e-commerce. Businesses that are opening warehouses for the first time face a lot of problems, and one of them is security. If you are in a similar situation, we advise you to go through the following warehouse security checklist to ensure the safety of your warehouse.

Manage Access Control

The first step to ensuring the safety of your warehouses is to limit access. Find out how many people have access to the facilities and how and when they are granted access. Then, implement an access control system that allows only specific persons with ID cards to access the facilities.

This step is about the secondary security of the warehouse, keeping in view you are; already working on vehicle supervision and fencing.

Install Surveillance Cameras

Have you installed security cameras in the warehouse? If not, you are putting a lot at risk. Install high-end security cameras, and make sure you choose the right locations to install cameras. Praetector can help you with visual protection by offering security cameras that cater to your needs.

Provide Security Training to the Staff

Providing training to the staff is an essential warehouse security checklist item that most people ignore. Your staff should be trained enough to identify a potential threat if not combat it. For this, provide security training to your staff. It can give them an insight into what might be a threat/danger for the warehouse.

Besides, many threats can be eliminated by taking immediate action. With proper training, you can make your staff capable of taking timely action.

Make Cybersecurity Plans

Planning physical security isn’t enough. Along with storing physical assets, a warehouse also contains digital assets that are crucial for a business. So, you have to look out for the records stored in your warehouse.

Change the passwords frequently and limit access to records. Also, take immediate action if you suspect any suspicious activity.

Make Use of Situational Awareness Platforms

The delay between alert and action can cause a lot of damage. However, you can bridge this delay with the help of situational awareness platforms. With this software, you can alert all the relevant people quickly and increase the chances of immediate action.

Whether you want to inform all the drivers or employees about a threat, you can do it effortlessly with a situational awareness platform.

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