Every organization has come across the problem of theft and fraud. The only way to combat this problem is to take preventive measures. One of them is installing security cameras for businesses.

Here is a detailed guide to installing security cameras.

1.   Exits and Entrances

Your first line of defense should be placing security cameras at exits and entrances. This way, you can check who enters the building and when they are leaving. The cameras will also make persons with any bad intentions cautious.

Most of the time, cameras at entrances and exits are placed at such a height that people can easily walk away with a cap or their face down, and the camera will not capture their faces. So, install the cameras at such a level that they can capture the faces of the passersby.

2.   Points of Sale

Points of sale are the storage points of cash and are usually crowded. So, the chances of theft increase. Ensure the installation of cameras at these points. It will keep the thieves at bay and help deal with dishonest employees.

As mentioned earlier, ensure you install cameras at an ideal height. Otherwise, you would get nothing but a recording of random heads moving on the screen.

3.   Building Exterior

Installing security cameras outside the building can help you a lot in investigating thefts. The security cameras can capture the license plates of the vehicles moving and stopping outside the building. It can be really helpful in finding stolen goods.

Also, the building exterior is usually deserted at night. So, if any employees are working on the night shift, the cameras can be of great help as they provide additional security.

4.   Warehouse

Warehouse stores a lot of valuable assets. Also, it is a place that you might not be able to visit frequently. In such situations, security cameras can keep an eye on the spots where you can’t.

Install security cameras inside and outside the warehouse. Also, install proper lighting at these spots. Otherwise, all you will get will be dark recordings that will not be of any help.

5.   Rarely Visited Spots

Though you might think the rarely visited spots are unimportant, they are most significant in crimes. These are the favorite places of the criminal. So, install security cameras in the rarely visited areas of your building.

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