Security cameras have become a part of household items. More and more Americans are installing security cameras in their homes to protect their property against petty crimes. These cameras are now more affordable and come with easy-to-follow DIY instructions. In most cases, you do not need a professional to install a security camera. Here we talk about 5 common security camera installation mistakes that you should avoid while getting a security camera for your home and installing it. 

Choosing the wrong location

You may have the urge to install security cameras in the obscured spots, the areas you cannot see from inside your home. However, studies show that 34% of burglars use the front door, 22% use the back door to enter the house, and 23% of them use the first-floor window to break in. Thus, it is important you cover all these obvious and easily accessible areas when you install a security camera. 

Violating privacy

When installing a security camera, you must keep in mind that you don’t violate anyone’s privacy. This includes your neighbours as well as your family members and visitors. States and local authorities may have laws and regulations regarding where you can install a security camera. In general, you cannot install a security camera in places where people have a reasonable expectation of privacy. This includes a restroom, shower, changing room, and bedroom. Also, try to avoid installing a camera in the position where it captures inside footage of your neighbour’s home. Remember the law can be different for audio-enabled cameras, so check with the local authorities before installing one. 

Blocking Infrared Lights

Night vision cameras come with infrared LED lights. Human eyes cannot see this light, but it is necessary for capturing footage in low-light conditions. Make sure you do not block the light in any way while installing the camera. If you do, the camera will be of no use when it is dark. 

Not checking the image quality

You must check the image quality offered by your chosen security camera. You may think that you can enhance the image with some software or app. However, in reality, no software can add pixels to an image, and you can zoom an image only up to a limit. If the camera produces low-quality images and video where you cannot identify the people, there is no point in having a security camera. 

Not securing the cameras

Another mistake people often make when installing a security camera in the home is that they do not care about securing the camera. It is essential to make sure the cameras are mounted securely and out of the reach of the miscreants. It should also be protected against weather hazards, including rain and snow. Failing to do so can render the system useless. 

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