security cameras

Did you know that 1 in 4 Americans have some kind of security camera in their home? It’s likely that you do, or know someone who does! But what kinds of cameras are available for the home, and which are the most popular? And if you think that security cameras are only for your front porch, think again. They have many different functions and uses in your house, to the point where you may decide you need to install more than one to feel safe. Read on to discover just four of the many types of security cameras you could have in your home!

1. Doorbell Cam

Probably the most well-known camera for homeowners, doorbell cameras are installed for a number of privacy reasons. Maybe you want to see if the person on your porch is the pizza delivery guy or an intruder, or if your package was dropped off where you thought it would be. Many of these security cameras connect to your smartphone, so you can check on your house even when you’re not there. Learn more about doorbell cameras here!

security cameras

2. Nanny Cam

Want to make sure your kids got home from school safely? You could use a doorbell camera, but what about once they’re inside? Utilize a nanny cam, which can either be in or out of sight. If it’s just to keep an eye on your kids, you can just place a camera in the kitchen or the living room. Have a nanny, as the name suggests? It is possible to install a camera inside an everyday object such as a smoke detector to make sure the nanny is doing their job of caring for your child. Check out the details and legality of such things here.

3. Pet Cam

A security camera for pets is slightly different than one for children or nannies. Many, for instance, have the capability to transmit audio and allow you to “talk” to your pet when you’re not around. (We imagine this would be creepy for those not on four legs!) Some even dispense treats when your pet is doing something well! How cute is that? Find out more about what you could see on your pet cam here.

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