We all know security cameras have caught all kinds of crazy stuff. But what will you see on your pet camera?. Will your animals be causing mayhem and destruction by tearing up pillows in your living room? Or will they be staring out the window waiting for you to return? If you’re considering a security camera installation to check up on your fur babies, here are some potential ways they could be caught red-pawed.

Pet Camera Can Catch Your Pet Misbehaving

Go figure—you’re out for lunch, and your orange cat has recruited the dog to dig some leftovers for themselves out of the trash can.  With a pet camera, you can not only see them getting into trouble, but some cameras even allow you to talk to them and scold them for making a mess. When they show you their puppy eyes, you can coo and remind them that they’re still the best animals ever—despite the broken picture frame and shredded curtain.

Pet Camera Lets You Interact With Them

Pets Interacting with the Camera

As we said, some cameras have features that allow you to speak to your pets from afar. Imagine their surprise when they hear the voice of their favorite person! Will they meow in response, or run around in excitement looking for you? This allows you to feel close to your pets even when you’re far away. That is well worth any security camera cost. Even if your camera doesn’t have that feature, it’s still entertaining to see your dog interact with that strange new object in their home.

Catching Your Pets…Sleeping?

As it turns out, your beloved critters spend the majority of the time snoozing when you’re away. But if you’re anything like me, the sight of your pet snuggled in their bed will melt your heart. Seeing your pets being happy and content while you’re gone relieves some anxiety of leaving them home alone with the security cameras. Privacy, after all, is not a luxury for animals!

Interested in finding a way to observe your pets when you’re out of the house, but unsure of where to start? Praetector is the perfect place to learn about all types of security cameras. We help you pick the best one to watch over man’s best friends. And don’t worry—you can do it all with Fido on your lap!