You’ve probably heard of a doorbell camera. It’s a small, square outdoor camera that you can attach to your doorbell to monitor visitors and your home and family’s safety. According to the report, 42% of U.S. customers of smart home security products wanted to purchase outdoor cameras.

Doorbell security cameras may not appear to be a required piece of technology, but it is in various scenarios. Here are the top five reasons you need it.

●    Remote Monitoring

Consider getting a phone alert when someone is at your door while you’re away or at work. The best thing you can do is check in on who it is and use your phone to respond.

A doorbell camera with a monitor gives you the peace of mind of knowing what is happening at your home when you are not around.

●    Deter Burglars

An effective way to stop burglars is with a doorbell camera. The presence of this security camera deters burglars from targeting a residence since they are aware that you will capture them on camera.

Wireless doorbell cameras are of great help in locating the culprit if a burglary occurs.

●    Package Delivery

It’s even great for unexpected shipments. You’re at work when the doorbell rings. With the camera app on your phone, you can check the package remotely and keep opportunistic burglars away with the camera.

A Wi-Fi doorbell camera’s two-way communication function allows you to give directions to the delivery person via a smartphone app. Several service providers, such as Praetector, provide smartphone apps, so you can communicate and monitor what’s going on outside your home.

●    Observe Kids and Elderly Parents

You can monitor your children and elderly parents using Google doorbell cameras. To monitor your kids’ and parents’ activities when you are not at home, you can use a webcam to watch them.

●    Accidental Footage

These cameras don’t just catch door pirates. Occasionally, they witness collisions, car wrecks, burglaries, and other events and provide valuable video evidence for the police.

It is also possible to file an insurance claim for compensation using this video evidence.

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