Airbnb has more than 150 million users worldwide. Though it’s a big platform, there are several security concerns related to it. One of the major issues faced by users is hidden cameras in Airbnb.

Nothing can be done to check the security situation of Airbnb before booking it. However, what you can do is look for hidden cameras as soon as you have arrived at the place. This way, you can check it yourself.

Here are some tips if you are not experienced enough to find hidden cameras.

How to Find a Hidden Camera

Finding a hidden camera is not difficult, as most people who install hidden cameras in Airbnb are not professional spies and are not clever enough to do it discreetly. You can effortlessly find these hidden cameras with little caution and insight.

1.   Use Your Common Sense

First of all, be alert and use your common sense while scanning the whole place. Look out for wires that seem out of place and don’t lead to any useful gadgets; they might have cameras at the end of them.

Secondly, turn off the lights and look out for blinking light sources. Most hidden cameras have a blinking light that can easily be seen in the dark if not appropriately concealed.

2.   Check Common Objects

After the initial inspection, your second step should be checking the everyday household objects inside out. For example, if a vase on a table is placed in such a manner that it’s getting a view of the whole place, there might be a hidden camera inside it.

Check everyday objects such as vases, water bottles, behind the mirrors, in the lamps, around the lights, or anything you think can conceal the cameras.

3.   Get an RF Signal Detector

If you are not short on budget and have to make a lot of Airbnb bookings, we suggest you get an RF signal detector. It is a handy gadget that can instantly detect any hidden cameras.

What to Do if You Find Hidden Cameras in Airbnb?

Most people destroy the cameras or confront Airbnb owners when they find hidden cameras. The first option means you are destroying the evidence, and the second is the most unsafe option, as it can easily lead to a violent conflict. We suggest you immediately call the police as soon as you find any recording device hidden in your Airbnb.

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