We’ve talked about a thousand and one ways to hide a security camera in your home. However, we’ve yet to discuss how to spot a hidden camera. Hidden security cameras are the perfect surveillance tool. They fit right into the crack in a wall without causing any suspicions.

Hidden camera

Like every surveillance tool, surveillance cameras can be used conversely. It becomes a problem when you’re the target being monitored in your home.

The chances of your house getting bugged are pretty slim. However, if you have a reason to worry about illegal surveillance of your private space, this article is for you.

One of the most intuitive ways to find a hidden camera is to think of where you would hide one if you had to. Well, that’s usually not as efficient as portrayed in the movies. Here’s why.

Hidden cameras are specifically designed not to look hidden. They take the shape of light bulbs, switches, and petals.

Beyond being instinctive about your search for a hidden surveillance camera, here are the most effective ways to spot one in your home.

1. Scrutinize Your WiFi Network

Unlike the ’80s, today’s hidden cameras are primarily wireless, which sometimes makes them easy to spot since they’re usually connected to the closest and strongest internet connection. Of course, the nearest internet connection source would be your WiFi. So, do well to check the connected devices on your network.

A hidden wireless camera connected to your network might appear as an unknown device, and if it does, turn off your WiFi, change your password and check again.

However, some surveillance installers are thorough and could make the camera appear on your network as a house appliance you use. To beat that, physically check the authenticity of each connection on your network.

But what if the camera is connected to your neighbor’s WiFi instead? The next step should help.

2. Use Your Smartphone Camera

Smartphone cameras are great for taking amazing pictures and spotting the infrared lights of another camera. Well, this trick only works in the dark, so do well to turn off your room light and wait until it is stark dark.

When it’s pitch black, turn on your phone camera and scan every inch of your room, starting from the top. If your phone camera encounters an active hidden camera, the camera’s infrared light will appear on your phone screen as a greenish speckle of light.

The darkroom technique also works with flashlights. Most surveillance cameras emit red or green light when flaked with a very bright light.

If your suspicions persist after using these techniques, then it’s time you hire a technician. There’s no one better at providing visual protection than Praetector. We know how cameras work and can help you uncover a hidden one.