There’s a common mistake every security cam owner makes. It’s somewhere between negligence and naivety. Some security camera owners are unaware of how outdated their surveillance setup has become while some don’t care as long as it works.

Regardless of what category you fall under, you should know that you must regularly update your surveillance programs and upgrade your security cameras. And if you’re wondering why that’s imperative, it’s for the same reason you upgrade your phones, cars, and everything else. You make those upgrades to get the optimal performance possible.

Surveillance camera warning

Let’s discuss a few benefits of having upgraded security cameras.

Improved surveillance Features

New-generation security cameras have better and more expandable features. These cameras capture high-definition footages that can be zoomed in for detailed analysis.

There’s also the Artificial Intelligence bit to it. The most recent security camera upgrades are AI-oriented, making them incredibly smart and capable of compelling feats like face recognition, unlimited cloud storage, remote real-time footage transmission, motion detector, and so much more.

These upgrades are fluid and usable with other devices including your smartphone, TV, and computer.

Does having these extra features elevate one’s paranoia?

No. Not at all.

The upgrades only make your security better at a minimal cost. It’s time effective and completely automated.

Think about it this way. With the sophisticated features outlined above, you’d only have to worry about your privacy and safety when alarmed by the face recognition or motion detector program.

You’d agree that’s better than rummaging through hours of footage only after a security breach.

Health Decline Monitoring

Like all forms of technology, security cameras are susceptible to degeneration and glitches from network servers and prolonged usage under harsh conditions. The wear and tear accumulated over time could reduce your security camera’s performance.

You may have little control over your camera’s health, but you can avoid a potential surveillance breakdown. New-generation cameras come with health monitor tech that updates owners on overall surveillance performance. That way, when your security cameras are at the least operating standards, you can fix them.

Plus, there’s the remote maintenance feature that, when activated, allows a technician to run a fix remotely, so you don’t have to interfere with the mechanical structure of your surveillance system physically.


The benefits of having an upgraded visual surveillance setup are nearly immeasurable. However, it’s only quite effective when an expert runs the upgrades and updates. Praetector is the company for the job. We know what you need and how to fit it into your budget.