An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) would technically fry every electronic device within its wavelength. However, it doesn’t work as we see in the movies. If you were wondering what effect EMPs would have on your security camera, you are on the right path. But first, let’s learn a few interesting facts about EMPs.

  1. EMPs are real. However, acquiring an EMP trigger is quite difficult.
  1. Most EMPs can’t cause lethal damage to humans.
  1. EMPs are often byproducts of natural events.
  1. EMPs do not affect batteries.

If EMPs are not as catastrophic as portrayed in science fiction, should we even worry about them?

They might not be devastatingly dangerous. However, they can do substantial damage when focused on an electronic device. Regarding the impact of EMPs on security cameras—surveillance techs, like other electronic devices, are vulnerable to cyber-attacks, EMPs, and power overload.

As indicated earlier, most cases of EMPs incidents are from natural events like solar flares and lightning strikes. In case of such an event, security cameras nearby would only experience temporary damage or interference. However, an EMP blast from a nuclear bomb would knock out most electronic devices.

EMP interference with security cameras is very similar to the mechanism of signal jammers. Technically, protecting your cameras from being jammed is your best bet against an EMP attack.

What can you do to protect your cameras from getting jammed?

Security cameras and EMP attacks

The most effective security cameras are undoubtedly the wireless types, but they’re quite vulnerable. To prevent such occurrence, do the following:

  1. Use wireless cameras that can provide clear video footage from a far distance. Keeping your cameras at the most distant points possible will protect them from interfering signals and EMP strikes.
  1. Use a wired connection for your cameras’ WIFI delivery. Wired WIFI transmissions are difficult to jam and mostly need close physical contact to manipulate.
  1. Use hybrid security cameras. Hybrid cameras incorporate the technology of wired and wireless cameras at once. So if one tech gets jammed, the other keeps the tape rolling.
  1. Create an aluminum foil shield for your security cameras. Aluminum foils provide substantial protection against EMPs and signal interference.
  1. Make sure to install lightning protection tech on your property to absorb the impact of a lightning strike.
  1. Get a security company to handle your security tech installations. At Praetector, we offer more than just optimal visual security tech. We do well to keep you updated on the most recent security innovations available.