You might wonder, what’s the use of a surveillance drone when you have your security cameras installed in and around your space?

Surveillance cameras are important security tools. Think about it, they are highly effective, quite affordable, and you can use them for creative purposes. Depending on what you want, you can install security cameras in the most obvious places to ward off potential intruders And if you’re into catching the bad guys, you can keep your security cameras very hidden.

Whatever method you choose, you don’t always have to keep your security cameras squeezed within a doorknob or hanging on your doorpost. Imagine your camera could move, fly and hover around your vicinity. You do not have to imagine anymore because of drones.

What’s a Surveillance Drone?

Surveillance drones are known to be remotely-piloted aircraft. In other words, you need a ground-based operator to navigate them. Not only are they made of featherweight composite materials, but also are flexible in the air, and amazingly fast.

And contrary to popular opinion, drones are not strictly for the military.

What are the benefits of incorporating a surveillance drone into your security system?

Bigger coverage.

A drone would cover all of your vicinity in one flight as it provides aerial views of your space, including all blind spots.

If you’re concerned about power and longevity, don’t worry. Surveillance drones are designed not only for 24 hours-long operations, but also everyday usage. Most drones can stay operational for days between each charge.


Drones are perfect for stealth surveillance operations, but you can also let them hover out in the open. Hidden or open to prying eyes, they make the least noise possible, so you won’t have to worry about noise pollution or keeping your neighbors up at night.

Real-Time tracking.

One amazing feature surveillance drones bring to the table is real-time tracking. The point is to gather evidence. However with drones you can collect graphic evidence, track and follow a trail.

So, you do not have to worry about privacy infringement when tracking. These drones are not only designed to stay locked on a target, but also to collect data associated with the locked target.

Night and Day operations.

Surveillance drones are often equipped with dual camera sensors. Therefore, this helps them stay functional and transmit quality feed both day and night, in the dark and light. If you don’t need a drone hovering over your space every second, it remains handy in security cases requiring a critical response.

While your security cameras will always stay very useful, you can crown your security system with a surveillance drone. For information on how to get a surveillance system for your space, reach out to us! At Praetector, we’re always ready to bring you the best surveillance services.