Security cameras, having two main categories and several subcategories, are the next best thing for your protection. No matter the type of neighborhood you live in, it is always better to surround yourself with the necessary equipment to keep your belongings the last place you left them. You are probably here because you are thinking about installing a new security camera, or already installed one but felt like it wasn’t what you were searching for. Either way, you are here and Praetector welcomes you. Before we get into the security camera types, you can find many informative blogs on our website. Therefore, make your journey in security camera installation much smoother and smart.

Anyway, let’s hop right in!

1. Dome/ Bullet Cameras

Dome/ Bullet security Cameras

When we are going to talk about the types of security cameras, we can compare them by their shapes; dome and bullet.

Let’s first start with dome cameras. They have a dome shape, obviously. Most people use them for indoor installations. Although they are hard to install, they are also hard to uninstall i.e., hard to steal. One of the benefits dome cameras provide is that it makes it hard to tell which way the camera is actually looking, thereby decreasing criminal acts.

Bullet cameras capture a specific area. Given their cylindrical design, they have the ability to stay fixed on a specific area and capture long-distance scenery.

2. DVR/NVR Cameras

DVR/NVR Cameras

You can also categorize cameras recording-wise. The two types of cameras for recording are DVR and NVR cameras.

DVR, Digital Video Recorders, are non-Wi-Fi connected cameras. DVR cameras process the videos at the recorder which is the main difference from NVR cameras.
For NVR, which stands for Network video recorders, are WIFI-connected cameras. They also go by the name of internet protocol (IP) cameras. These cameras have the ability to store the archival footage and can be watched later on. There are wired and wireless NVR cameras. It all depends on which one you prefer.

If you are interested in the different styles of cameras, when it comes to power you have the wireless and the wired cameras. The explanation is very simple and already clear; wireless cameras rely on Wi-Fi to communicate and transmit their footage whereas wired cameras rely on wires.

When comparing both, wireless security cameras are considered better as they are easier and faster to be installed (no drilling required.) However, wired cameras have the advantage of never needing to change batteries. So, if you want to choose which is better, it all comes down to you!

3. Outdoor and Indoor Security Cameras

Outdoor and indoor security cameras

Depending on your location, you can decide which type of security camera best suits you. For example, if you have a yard, you most probably will need an outdoor camera to monitor what is going on around your house. Whereas people living in apartments only need indoor cameras.

Indoor cameras help you protect your property inside your house, but there are some rules you still need to follow. For example, avoid using security cameras in your bathroom or your bedroom.

On the other hand, you can place outdoor cameras anywhere you need to monitor. They mostly come as weather-resistant, so do not worry about the placement. Visit Praetector for more information!