Security Camera

We wish we lived in a world where no surveillance cameras were required to keep us safe. But the reality is, random acts of crime are on the rise, and we need to protect our properties against theft, burglary, break-in, and all the other kinds of petty crimes. Besides, a security camera can provide critical leads in solving more serious crimes.

A sophisticated surveillance camera must have some key features to protect your home effectively. If you are planning to install a security camera at your home or want to upgrade the security system of your store, check out this list before you choose the camera.

Easy Accessibility with cloud storage

To keep your property safe, you will need to access the camera recordings from anywhere at any time. Modern-day security cameras use cloud technology to store the footage. You can access them from your mobile phone or laptop. Using this app, you will be able to monitor your property even while you are miles away. As you get direct access to the live feed, you can alert the local law enforcement in case of any unusual activity near your property premises.

Security Camera with High-Definition Camera

The security system must have a high-resolution lens to capture crystal clear video. Blurred, grainy video won’t serve the purpose here. How will you be able to detect a potential threat if you cannot see the person clearly? Besides, on the occasion of crimes committed, the physical features and facial identification are crucial for apprehending the perpetrator.

You may also need to detect small details in the footage to identify a danger immediately. As it is a matter of security for you and your family, you cannot compromise on the quality.

Motion Detection

The surveillance camera must have a sensor to detect any movement. If your camera keeps on recording 24/7, your storage space fills up fast, and you end up having lots of junk footage. With a motion sensor in place, the recording is triggered only when there is a movement within its purview. You will also get notifications on your associated app while there is movement near your property. Thus, you will not need to watch the feed constantly when nothing is happening. The motion detector ensures that you don’t miss a thing that is happening near the property.

Security Camera with a Night Vision

Most of the criminal activities take place when it is dark. There was a time when the cameras could not capture a thing without lights. Thanks to modern technology, those days are over. The most advanced surveillance cameras are built to capture the images even when it is totally dark. While shopping for a security camera, make sure it is night vision enabled to capture decent quality video without lights.

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