Nowadays, making use of surveillance cameras has become popular, whether you are using it to keep your workplace safe or want to have eyes on your home 24/7. Security cameras aim to make you feel safer, letting you know every single movement happening around your house and your company. There are even cameras which have additional features linked to it, for example alerts, alarm systems and Wi-Fi networks. There are even cameras that provide its user with high-definition footage, showing every single important detail with the audios. However, it’s all great and all until you feel like someone other than the people who have the right to is watching you through your security camera.

I am not saying that your camera is 100% hacked, but I am saying that there is a potential darker side to this technology. Sure, having security cameras installed around has amazing benefits, but it is wrong to assume that they are private and for your eyes only. Do not worry, there are ways that you might be able to know whether or not someone else is violating your privacy, and there are things you can do about it.

Security cameras have gained our trust to capture important moments. However, are we trusting them too much? Let’s take a look how you can know and what you can do about it.

1. Fiber networks mean faster connection

security camera

Roommates can come and go, but their access to your camera may stay. Make sure you kick off anyone who has nothing to do with your camera anymore. Giving someone access to your home security cameras is equal to giving them access to your privacy. Make sure that the people who no longer have anything to do with living in your home also have nothing to do with seeing what’s going on in it.

2. Don’t forget to change your passwords

Passwords, emails, security questions and anything related to them have got to change once in a while. Change your password to something new, unique, and strong and do not use the same password or something predictable. Do not also use old passwords because that would make it much easier for your hacker to enter your account and watch what you do in your time of comfort.

3. Use two-factor authentication

Also known as “2FA”, “two step verification” and “dual factor authentication”. As it already states in its name, 2FA is a security process that requires two different verification factors from its users in order to verify themselves. This improves the protection of the resources and makes it hard for hackers to hack their way in. If your camera system allows two factor authentication, then my advice is to rush to your settings to activate it.

In conclusion, be careful with your security camera. After all protecting yourself, your family, and your belongings is in your hands. Visit Praetector for more information