Home Security: Top 3 Covert Surveillance Methods

You don’t have to be a CIA or MI6 agent to set up a covert surveillance system at your residence. Stealth or covert surveillance does require some skill, but it’s no rocket science.  The deliberate act of monitoring people in their private space using surveillance devices is called intrusive surveillance.  Note that this article is about home security camera and in no form endorses the above-stated activity.  Regarding how you can use your security cameras in the most concealed ways possible, let’s get you acquainted with the concept of covert surveillance.

What is a Covert Security Camera?

Surveillance is covert or secret when targets are oblivious to being monitored.  Surveillance in this context refers to the use of security cameras in one’s home with the intent to prevent a security breach or capture the events that might have constituted the breach.  Naturally, security cameras are posed in the most visible angles to deter criminal activities. However, a determined intruder might find his way around the cameras since he can see them.

 Of course, that doesn’t mean unhidden cameras are ineffective. But sometimes you need special measures for particular circumstances. If you need to go stealth mode security-wise, here are the top three ways to go about it.

Covert Surveillance security camera

#1: The Bulb Frame Method.

While some cameras are small enough to fit into bulb frames, there are specific bulb frame designs for video surveillance. The best design is the Wi-Fi-enabled panorama camera bulbs, which give you access to a live feed, including the audio feed. Without critical observation, it’s near impossible to tell that there’s a camera embedded in these bulbs. Besides, you can always get a transparent bulb frame to improve the camouflage further.

#2: The Flower Pot Method.

Your flower pots don’t have to hold just flowers. They can hide your cameras too. A small security camera the size of the human eye will do the trick. All you have to do is place the camera within the thickness of your flowers and go about your day. Keep in mind that the type of cameras in covert surveillance is mostly battery-powered. Some of these batteries can last for 16 hours straight.

#3: The Wall Clock Method.

Imagine a clock that tells you the time and helps you monitor your personal space. Wall clock cameras are the zenith of home security surveillance. How?

 Well, no one ever suspects a clock. Clock cameras are usually connected directly to a power source. They can record as long as the power is on. Moreover, if the power goes off, its built-in batteries automatically continue recording. In addition, there are several other innovative ways to go about covert surveillance in your home. If you want to know more, contact Praetector’s surveillance experts. It gets better when you let the experts take care of things.

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