What’s your most prized possession? Your home, your family, perhaps maybe your business. We’d give anything to protect these! And for their safety, a trusty Wi-Fi-Enabled security camera is a perfect choice.

A Wi-Fi-Enabled security camera has lots of advantages over a wired one. However, it does use a lot of data. Unless you are a millionaire with hidden treasures in the basement, this data consumption can wring you dry.

Therefore, you need to learn how much data it uses and how you can control it.

Wi-Fi-Enabled Security Camera

How Much Data Does a Wi-Fi-Enabled Security Camera Use?

The data consumption of a wireless camera could be anywhere between 60GB to 400GB per month. This number is generally for cameras that stay on guard all the time. But your Wi-Fi-enabled security camera does not have to be at guard all the time. Praetector offers security cameras that work only when they notice some suspicious activity! This lowers the data usage big time. For such cameras, the data usage reduces to 60 GB per month.

On a daily basis, your camera could use 100 MB to 13 GB of data, and the hourly consumption is 5 MB to 500 MB.

The usage of data depends on the following factors:

Video Resolution

In a security camera, video resolution is one of the most crucial things. You don’t want to be counting pixels while trying to spot criminal activity. Video resolution also plays a vital role in determining data consumption.

The data usage in a Wi-Fi-enabled security camera depends on the video resolution, kind of like how YouTube works. You can watch in 1080p and then watch your Wi-Fi bills skyrocketing either way!

Frames per Second (FPS)

In the security footage, the video we see is basically a compilation of many images or ‘frames.’ Frames per second is the number of distinct frames or images a camera can display in a second. In easy words, more frames per second (FPS) means better video quality.

Wherever we get a plus, there’s also a plus on the cost. Newton’s third law right there. So more FPS equals more data consumption and hence more dollars spent.

Number of Cameras Out There

The more, the merrier, right? Well, not so much for the data consumption. This one right here is the most simple of all. The more cameras you own, the more is the data usage. Yep, that’s it. Not so much rocket science. The more videos recorded and uploaded to the cloud, the more data usage is.

But honestly, the benefit of these miniature security guards outweighs all these data consumption problems. Now, you might want to find yourself a Wi-Fi-enabled security camera that fits your needs. Well, don’t worry, because Praetector has got one for everyone. Get your personal watchman and always stay protected with Praetector!