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Our basic needs aren’t three anymore. We need food, clothing, shelter, and security. This is where Security Cameras come into play.

There are several security systems for different situations. One of the most common forms of security is the video surveillance system, and it’s excellent for both private and public spaces.

Security cameras and video surveillance are complementary. But the former’s quality often dictates the latter’s effectiveness.

Talking about effective video surveillance—how can you set one up?

The first step is to get the right equipment. No doubt, security cameras are the most significant piece you’ll be needing. But the tricky question is:

What number of cameras do you need to monitor your space effectively?

video Security Camera

The quick answer is 2 to 6 cameras for home residence and 8 to 32 cameras for workspaces. Well, that’s the theoretical calculations for an average house and office building.

For most people, the bigger the space, the more the cameras. And while that’s a reasonable notion, it’s not always true. Other factors dictate the number of security cameras you’d need, and one of them is your budget.

What is the proper budget for a video Security Camera setup?

There is no proper budget. A big budget would get you more quantity and quality as regards surveillance equipment. However, a small budget might still get the job done.

While it’s important to note that varying circumstances call for different security measures, you can get effective video surveillance with fewer security cameras when you follow these steps.

1- Outline your needs. 

Do you need video surveillance to keep a daily record of events around your space, or do you need one that becomes active only during intrusions?

A 24-hour record would demand a massive storage space, while surveillance triggered by motions wouldn’t necessarily require so much storage.

Motion trigger surveillance cameras are costly but budget-friendly in the long run.

2-  Find the strategic points in your space.

The front of your building would include your porch, front yard, and driveway. You might want to put security cameras at each angle. In total, you’d have three cameras for just the front space!

Well, you can cover all that with just one doorbell camera instead. The front door is the most strategic angle in such scenery as it covers the porch and a good proportion of the driveway.

In case of an intrusion, people would want to manipulate a security camera only when they know it’s there. So if you have a camera installed in the most obvious places like your front door, make sure to disguise and hide it.

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