You might think that this question only could come from a beginner who is thinking about installing security cameras but hasn’t made up their mind, but no, anyone can wonder about this. I know I do. So, how many security cameras do I need to install in my home? Should I cover my entire house? Should I include my garage? My neighbor’s yard? The end of the street? How about only the “interesting” places where people tend to pass by the most? There are many questions that can flow in one’s mind, and to be as effective as possible, they need to be answered.

On top of “how many do I need” there are a lot of other questions one considers when buying security cameras for example:

  • What brand should I use?
  • Where should I place them?
  • Do I need to buy wired security cameras or wireless ones?
  • Is it better if my camera has night vision?

And guess what, you’re in luck! There are many blogs on Praetector that can help you with this! Okay, so today let’s talk about how many, drum roll please…

The answer is: How many do you prefer? Yes, it’s that simple! It all comes down to your preference and personal needs. There is no right answer that we can give to you, however, there are many things you can consider that can narrow down your answer. Here are a few questions you can answer before screaming out a number.

1- What’s your main objective? Why are you installing security cameras in the first place? Is it for safety, or you just want to know what’s going on in your house at all times? Thinking about such question can help you decide how many cameras you should install.

2- What’s your budget, exactly? Do you care if you spend thousands of dollars on cameras or you prefer keeping the budget as low as possible?

3- How much space do you want covered? Make up a list on a piece of paper and think of all the places you need to keep an eye out. Also, think about if you only care for outdoor cameras, indoor cameras, or even both!

Now for our next step, we will reduce the number as much as we can, because you know, efficiency! Let’s start.

Think of ways you help your security cameras to multitask, that is, help them cover two places at once, and if possible, 3 places too! For example, placing on your main door can help you cover your yard, front porch, the street and the people who come up to your door!

Why should you even ask this question, does it really matter?

Yes, it does. First, it helps you save A LOT of money and second, you can make better choices for your camera brands. For example, if you know from the beginning that you’ll be installing one looking at your yard, you’ll be able to initially decide the perfect fit for a yard security camera.

Taking decisions blindly is never the answer.