Difference Between a Dome Camera And a Bullet Camera

Security cameras are critical for protecting your property against theft, burglary, trespassing, and other petty crimes. Different types of security cameras are out there in the market, and all of them offer tons of features. Without some prior knowledge, the choices can confuse you pretty quickly. Here we will discuss two main types of security cameras: the dome camera and the bullet camera. The article will help you understand the difference between a dome camera and a bullet camera, their advantages, and their disadvantages.

Dome Camera vs. Bullet Camera – What’s The Difference?

Dome cameras are the dome-shaped security cameras most commonly found inside retail stores, hotel lobbies, casinos, restaurants, and pubs. The camera lens is enclosed in a transparent dome-shaped protective case.

Bullet cameras also get their name from their shape and design. These cameras are cylindrical that resemble the shape of the shell of a bullet. In addition, they are designed to stick out and be more visible. These cameras come with a more telescopic zoom lens with a narrower field of view than a dome camera.  

Dome Cameras – Pros and Cons 

Dome cameras are sleek in design and easily blend with surroundings. It offers a wide field of view, and the lens rotates to cover a large area. Besides, the camera is designed in a way that you cannot tell where the camera is pointing without looking at the monitor. The discreet design of the dome camera makes it ideal for indoor settings. If you want to keep an eye on the people without making them overly conscious, dome cameras are the best. The design and the protective case also make it difficult for the vandals to change the camera angle. 


  • Discreet design; easily blends with surrounding
  • Covers large area
  • Vandals cannot manipulate the camera angle
  • Mounted either to the ceilings or the walls 


  • The installation process is more complicated
  • Cannot be repositioned, once installed, without removing the whole system

Bullet Cameras – Pros and Cons

Bullet cameras offer long-range vision. The coverage is narrower than the dome camera, but you can see the objects far away. These cameras are most commonly used in industrial settings, traffic signals, and areas where the crime rate is high. Bullet cameras come with a neck-like base and can be easily mounted on the wall. As a result, you can manipulate the angle whenever you want, without any difficulties. 

Besides, bullet cameras are easily noticeable and thus can work as a crime deterrent. Therefore, burglars can easily spot the camera, and most likely, they will avoid the premises. 


  • Long-range view
  • Easy to mount
  • Manipulating the angle is easy
  • More visible, thus helps in preventing criminal activities


  • More easily vandalized and manipulated
  • Sometimes attract nest builders

Finally, both types of cameras have certain advantages as well as disadvantages. Depending on the location and your security goal, one camera can be more suitable than the other. Praetector offers security cameras with cutting-edge technology. In addition, the cameras come with night vision, motion detectors, and free cloud storage for life. In conclusion, visit Praetector to know more about the features it offers. Stay protected, stay praetected.