Having a security camera in your house or workplace is starting to become more and more crucial. With thieves becoming more professional, creative, and careful, it is best to start getting better protection. Security is not only for yourself, but also your surroundings and your belongings.

Yes, security cameras help you a lot with protection. However, the bad news is that these criminals are starting to get the hang of it. They are getting used to the usual places and now know what to do and how to move in order not to get caught. But do not worry, I am here to help you.

Robbers, criminals, and thieves all know where the normal places are for cameras. The front and back door, driveways, in the upper corner of a room. They are even becoming more and more creative with their plans. What if you changed those places and catch them off guard? Here are some of the best places to hide the security cameras that covers the entire area. And still, nobody expects.

1. Hide them in normal places

Hidden security camera

What do I mean by “normal places”? is the corner of the room an abnormal place? By normal places, I mean blend it with simple household items, a place where an intruder doesn’t think twice about looking. Some ideas are electrical outlets, Lamp stands, artificial plants, book shelfs, and many more places. Placing security cameras in hidden places like this will make them less likely to be discovered.

If you think that your camera doesn’t fit in places like these, you can always get a mini camera that fits almost anywhere!

2. Hide them outdoors

outdoor security camera

Either you put it hidden inside a branch of a tree, a small bush right outside your door, a cute birdhouse or inside your mailbox. Putting hidden cameras in places like these help you cover most of your outdoor area, and helps you identify anyone that dares to try to break in.

You can even take an extra step of buying a fake rock that is “just tossed in your outdoor garden”. Most thieves won’t even notice the rocks there because… it’s just a rock. But is it?

3. Hide your security camera in the doorbell

Exactly at the right level, hiding your camera in the doorbell captures everything needed to catch a thief. While he’s putting an effort trying to unlock your door, his face, body, hair, and every single detail is being recorded. Even if he is wearing a mask, by using your security camera you can closely monitor his height, clothes, movements and many more.
You can even keep the video in the storage which can be later taken to the police station to take the rightful actions.

doorbell security camera

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