A comprehensive home security system is made of different electronic devices. Depending on the scale and size of the security system, the number of devices may vary. Here we discuss the basic components of a home security system. If you are thinking about getting a security system for your home or want to buy them separately, read this guide to understand what you need to buy. 

Components of a Home Security System

Security cameras

The security camera is the core component of your home security system. Make sure you get a good quality CCTV camera for your home. The modern security camera lets you check the feed from anywhere, anytime. They also come with night vision and crystal-clear video quality. Place the cameras strategically so they cover all the areas. Besides helping you keep an eye on your property, security cameras also work as a crime deterrent. 

Motion sensors

Motion sensors trigger the other systems when there is any movement within their purview. It has various functions, including turning on the patio light, setting off the alarm, and triggering the camera recording. Place the motion sensor at the doorway. If you have a pet in your household, get a pet-sensitive motion sensor to avoid unnecessary annoyance.

Contact sensor or door/window sensor

These sensors help trigger the alarm when a door or a window is opened. Contact sensors come in two parts. You need to attach one part to the door (or window) and the other part to the frame. When the door is closed, the two parts touch each other and form a closed circuit. When someone opens the door, the circuit breaks, and it sends signals to the alarm. Contact sensors come cheap and are easy to install. Some contact sensors come with adhesive strips, and you can simply attach them to your door.

Glass break sensor

It is another traditional technology that works great to keep your home safe. Glass break detectors are sensitive to the frequency of shattering sound of glass. You can install them near the glass doors and windows. If someone tries to break-in, it will detect the sound and trigger the alarm. It is an inexpensive and useful tool for keeping your property safe. Before purchasing a glass break sensor, make sure you know the range it covers. Depending on the coverage area, you may need to buy multiple sensors to install at different locations. 

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms

These alarms do not help with human threats but are equally important. In some places, it is legally required to have a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector in your home. Even when it is not a legal requirement, getting a pair of smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors is a good idea. It will help you deter fatal accidents and keep your family healthy. 

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