Getting a security and surveillance system in your home and workplace today is easier than ever before. With the rapid technological advancements, you can keep yourself safe with a high-quality CCTV system. You have multiple options within the CCTV domain, and the main ones are bullet vs. dome cameras.

Choosing between these two options can be confusing. Both of these have distinct properties and are ideal for different usage. This guide aims to compare bullet vs. dome cameras, so you can make an informed decision.

Bullet vs. Dome Cameras

Looks and Installation

  • Bullet cameras have a distinct cylindrical shape that looks like a bullet’s shell.
  • On the other hand, dome cameras have a circular shape and are protected by a shell.

Dome cameras are more discreet, so they are often used by businesses that want to keep their surveillance network as hidden as possible.

Bullet cameras are usually easier to install because they come with a mounting handle. You’ll usually see them on the side of the walls. Moving them and surveillance of the surrounding area is easy once you have installed them.

Bullet cameras are a bit harder to install, although they are more discreet. If you want to change the area under surveillance, bullet cameras need to be remounted, which is annoying.


Gone are the times when you had to make up with grainy videos coming from your security cameras. Today security cameras can capture high-quality video at resolutions such as 720p, 1080p, and even 4k.

Here, it is a tie between dome cameras and bullet cameras, as both provide high-resolution video recording. So, in the end, it is all about your preference. Usually, 720p is enough for most businesses and homeowners. However, you can always opt for more if you want.

Camera Range

The next logical question is the camera range, which isn’t determined by a single factor. Multiple factors such as the processor, lens type, backlight mechanism, resolution, etc., contribute to deciding the range of the camera.

Usually, dome cameras have a smaller range because they do not have enough space to accommodate a bigger lens. On the other hand, bullet cameras, because their shape, are more spacious and can provide a better range for surveillance.

Having a greater range helps bullet cameras capture clear images of number-plates and people even at large distances.

The Bottom Line

Bullet vs. dome cameras are modern technological products that provide efficient and effective surveillance. However, both have their upsides and downsides, as this guide explains. Secure yourself today by getting in touch with Praetector to get state-of-the-art cameras. From night vision to free cloud storage, you get everything with Praectector.