Praetector, a platform devoted to the safety of your loved ones. The sphere of dangers and its creative ways are influencing our society more and more day by day. Creatively crafted strategies rob you blind without having to move a muscle. And all of it is done from the comfort of the perpetrator’s house. With every region’s security force coming with their effectiveness levels, some may not be up to the mark, thus growing a need for third-party security sources such as protectors. Praetector is a surveillance system designed for residential and commercial activities. It safeguards their properties throughout the day. We are here to keep you “praetected”!

You have installed your surveillance cameras from a particular retailer. That is a good step and a step closer to the safety of your loved ones, but questions arise about its durability in different weathers, its sensitivity to light in low-lit conditions, and its resistance to hackers.

This is where Praetector comes in to Keep you Praetected.

The brand, reassuring the prospects with its name alone, brings a sense of trust in the product’s ability.

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The brand offers features such as detection in both low-light and well-lit areas. In case of visibility issues, the product provides motion detection using sound detectors and infrared light. The captured motion directly reports to the user via an app interface. This brings us to the system’s user interface. It displays both, the controls and updates, on the app, accessible by both mobile and desktop users. Its cameras record in a crystal clear quality with little heating in the electronics. Users constantly trouble with the need for space for storing the footage collected for security purposes. Praetector offers cloud storage services for life. They were eliminating the need to buy and managing extra hard drives. Hard drives are corruptible, resulting in precious loss of data.

We all have had an experience or two with abusive caretakers neglecting their responsibilities and being harsh on little ones once you are out for an important meeting or your job.

A surveillance system capable of holding these many features makes you not worry about what happens in your house while you are gone. A watchful eye can stop questionable activities happening in the house in the first place.

So are you and your loved ones “Praetected”?
With a sound system, good electronics, good interface, good feedback support, and an updated website full of tips to fully use the product to its maximum value, Praetector is devoted to the safety of your loved ones and keeping them “praetected”! .