In heist movies like the Bond series, Oceans 11, etc., there is always a nook or a corner that is a blind spot for the surveillance cameras, and our heroes would use that blind spot to their advantage. You will be amazed to know that this is not a reality anymore. PTZ cameras have made it possible for us to collect the required footage without worrying about blind spots or shortcomings. If you are wondering, what is PTZ in a camera, then this article is specifically for you. Read along.

PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) Camera for 180 or 360 Degrees Viewing

A camera that can swivel from left to right and up to down in all directions is known as a PTZ camera. Moreover, these cameras are also capable of detecting a movement and following it. They zoom in on a detected motion and give all the details accurately. A PTZ camera can do all of this independently or may require security personnel to operate them distantly. Such cameras are known as remote PTZ cameras.

What Is ePTZ?

PTZ cameras are physical cameras, while ePTZ refers to software that is installed in specialized cameras. It enables them to do the “Pan-Tilt-Zoom” feature without actually moving. You can magnify any area you want without any blind spots.

Limitations of PTZ Cameras

Even though the concept of the PTZ camera looks fantastic in theory, they are not a foolproof way to provide security. Their most significant feature is their major shortcoming. When the PTZ camera is zooming on a particular scene, it becomes blind to the rest of the area. That is why an intruder can slip away undetected in a multi-intruder situation. Moreover, these cameras are pretty expensive, and since they have a lot of parts that are always on the move, they are less durable than their competitors.

When Should You Opt for a PTZ Camera?

There is no doubt in the fact that the PTZ cameras provide a larger field of view than ordinary fixed cameras. Their shortcomings can be fixed by having fixed cameras along with PTZ cameras in a high-security area. In this way, you can achieve 24/7 protection.

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