One thing that has been taking over the world step by step is AI – Artificial intelligence. Smart this and smart that, we are getting used to trusting robots more than trusting humans. I mean, after all, human errors are much more common than machines. With many benefits, AI makes it possible for our lives to get easier and have machines perform human life tasks.

One thing that artificial intelligence has made its way through is security cameras; something that can be found almost anywhere. Security cameras, as is, already has its benefits. They give you 24/7 footage, keeping your mind at ease and your loved ones safe. So how does AI fit? The answer is simple; facial recognition. You now have the ability, through your advanced security camera, to identify who is in or around your neighborhood, home, and office.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition including cameras have this advanced option where it lets the machine collect database of the people who get close to the camera. Through machine learning, the camera can now learn and identify a face and informs you who it is. Since it now has a collected database, it determines whether or not the face seen through the lens is a stranger or just your neighbor approaching to see whether you have any tea left.

AI Facial Recognition Software

So, you must be wondering, what if the person visiting changed his or her appearance? What if one day, they visited with long hair and the next bald? Would the camera identify them as a stranger where in fact, they are family? The software found in the camera might not be able to identify if A LOT of appearance has changed, however, artificial intelligence has been advancing every single day.

AI Facial Recognition

Now that your camera has facial recognition, it can alert you immediately when it senses that something is not quite right and this way, you’ll be able to know what’s going on around your house within seconds. Already being one of the fastest growing fields, the use of AI has many different advantages. With these advanced cameras, wanted criminals, terrorists and burglars are much easier to find.

Face recognition is not something surprising anymore, given they are found on our phone. With one look, our phones can give us access to things and block strangers from entering. Enjoy the increase of security and decrease of danger with these advanced security cameras. There IS still more to this, and if you are excited you can simply head on to our blog found on Praetector and enjoy learning more about the different blogs written about security cameras.