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We know you love your security camera. So much so, that you might not have wondered what life was like before they became the reliable tools we have today. Well, we’re here to give you a timeline to answer questions you didn’t even know you had about the origin of different types of security cameras!

1920s-1940s: A Scary Start

The origin of security cameras isn’t exactly a pleasant one. In 1927, Leon Theremin invented the first CCTV system for the Kremlin in Moscow. Later, Nazi engineer Walter Bruch created a system to monitor rocket launches. Many also remember the telescreens in George Orwell’s 1949 dystopian novel 1984. These were used as a form of government control within the story. Luckily for us, security cameras have evolved far past their initial uses, to protect our homes and monitor our pets! Let’s see how we got there.

origin of security cameras

1950s-1970s: Home and Business Protection

By the midway point of the 20th century, security cameras were being installed not for the government, but for businesses to protect them from theft, as well as police stations. They were also famously used for Elizabeth II’s 1953 coronation. And in 1969, in fact, Marie Van Brittan Brown invented the type of home security camera we’re used to today. She was concerned for her safety when home alone, and created a system that would change the world. The popularity of VCRs in the late 70s allowed for more data storage, and therefore more access to security cameras. Though it would still take some time for the average homeowner to afford the cost of a security camera, banks and shops were making good use of their investment for the time being.


1990s-2010s: Public Safety

As the 2000s approached, people were used to security cameras in public spaces. Installation in private homes was becoming popular. The tragedy of 9/11 led to a further influx of cameras, which were largely welcomed by communities. By this point, too, cameras were being digitalized, and easier for the average person to buy and install, with the first “Nanny Cam” even introduced in 1992. Now there is enough space for hours, days, and weeks of footage to keep the public safe.


The Future of Security Cameras

Where are we now? Well, there’s no better place to see than Praetector! We now have cameras that are waterproof, have unlimited storage, are cost-effective, and easy to install. This is a huge jump from the first VTR in 1951, which cost $50,000 and was the size of a desk! Security cameras can be used by everyone and anyone—get yours today!  

future of security cameras