To increase the security of your home or office, you installed surveillance cameras. Great work!
Now you must think that you are more secure than half of the population in your country. But did you know putting security cameras doesn’t make you completely safe from hackers?

You are still at risk of security theft from hackers. They can break into your cameras, observe your daily activities, and even threaten you with your vulnerable data.

To prevent this troublesome situation, here are 5 tips to be safe from security breaches, with a bonus tip in conclusion!

1. Use High-End Encryption Software

The best way to secure your data is to use high-level encryption. Through encryption, the data sent by the sender will remain secure between the sender and the receiver; only the receiver can decrypt the data. It is nearly improbable for hackers or any third party to intercept the data while it is encrypted

2. Solidify Your Passwords

Make the first step of accessing your account impossible for an anonymous user. Use different combinations of uppercase and lowercase alphabets, numbers, and symbols.

Don’t use a similar password for all of your accounts. Otherwise, if one of your accounts gets hacked, it won’t be long before the other accounts have been hacked, too — like the falling dominos!

3. Keep Firmware Up-To-Date

Weaknesses in the system of different firmware are discovered almost every single day. Hence, firmware companies solve these problems as early as possible to improve their system’s security.

Those firmware updates you get again and again are not spammed emails; they protect your security cameras and keep them up-to-date.

4. Use a Secure Cloud Storage

Do you know what makes the work of a hacker more frustrating? Using different layers of high-tech security!

With Praetector, you can automatically protect all your recorded data into secure cloud storage. Even if the hackers hack into your live camera, they still cannot access the recorded data from your cameras.

5. Enable Two-Factor Authentication

An extra layer of security makes it even harder for hackers to use your cameras. Enable the two-factor verification method so that an OTP (One-time password) is delivered to your number or email. You will need that code to access your cameras whenever you log in with your username and password.

Consequently, even if the hackers crack your credentials, they won’t be able to hack your security cameras without that code.

Conclusion: Show Yourself as a Hard Target!

Hackers search for weak targets.

The best way to avoid any attacks on your security systems is to make them more complicated and secure. When the hackers realize that you protect your security cameras with a high-tech security company like Praetector, making you a target for a security breach is unthinkable!