Research shows anywhere there is a security surveillance camera it is unlikely that any sort of criminal activity will take place as compared to houses and offices where there are no cameras.
Its not just crime, security cameras help in ways many people would just overlook. Since we have been drilled with the reason to install a camera is only to prevent theft when cameras can serve other purposes too.

1. Peace of Mind

You leave for work in the morning and realize that you forgot to put back your diamond ring in the drawer. Worried all day something will happen to your diamond your productivity level at work decreases rapidly. That is only to get back home and not see it on the table but on the carpet right next to the table. All this stress can be fixed with Praetector. You get security cameras and access to those cameras on your phone with the services provided to you. A simple security surveillance camera can relieve your worries about theft or any sort of unfortunate events.

Security Surveillance

2. Settle Disputes Easily

Workplaces have tension flowing in the air. This can cause a lot of disputes between the employees. Security cameras will allow you to be a better judge. In addition, you can solve those disputes easier as you have footage of what took place.

3. Productivity of Employees

Be it the maid at home or the manager who has his own office, if you take your eyes off your employees they tend to slack off. If you have a surveillance system set up and the employees know they’re possibly being watched at all times, it will definitely boost their level of productivity in the office environment or at home.

4. Shrink Shrinkage

Shoplifting is very common in today’s day and age. There are workers at home too who slip small items into their pockets. Then, you wonder where you put that gold chain. A security camera will allow you to reduce shrinkage in all kinds of ways. The products unaccounted for or damaged can be guarded by the cameras. Whatever the source of the damage is can now be found and eliminated.

5. Protect Yourself and Your Employees

Security footage is proof and facts that took place. They allow you to keep not just yourself but your employees at home or at work safe from other criminal activities. If you have surveillance cameras in your workplace it will deter criminals from committing the crime they planned out. On the contrary, if you do not have security cameras you may not even know what happened in the first place. Protect yourself with Praetector. Stay safe with a couple of security cameras.

So, check out what Praetector can offer you!